E-Commerce SEO

E-Commerce SEO

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Online sales have been a trend for several years, but its real expansion is not even close to the maximum. There are many niches from the SEO corners that are free. A web store is the central element of most online sales strategies and this will be said in this article. I will try to describe all the phases that you need to clarify in detail if you want successful, efficient and long-term management of this channel.

Full understanding of a business model is a prerequisite for creating a web storeWhen preparing a complete solution for one web store we need to elaborate a strategic approach in detail.

The strategic approach supports full understanding of the business model, marketing and sales channels, as well as technical methods for achieving set goals.

From this angle, the strategic approach to creating a solution e-commerce can be approached from two aspects: marketing (and business aspects) and technical. It is very important to clearly define crystal goals clearly. For example, you need to know in detail: Is an online store merely complementing offline actions, or is it an independent store. Is the store an independent eccommerce solution, a showroom or catalog, and the sale takes place at another channel and elsewhere and so on. Whether the sale of services or just electronic products is downloaded (mp3 files, pdf documents, videos, photos and illustrations in electronic form) through automated online payment and so on.


When it comes to marketing and business apeks, it is understood that the issue of the supply chain, inventory, logistics, price formation, delivery is addressed, and when it comes to e-products, legal regulation, privacy protection, etc.

This is important because of online tactics that directly affects or is based on the work of every web store.


Before explaining in detail, mention some common things that are usually skip


UX (user experience) and UI (user interface)

UX (user experience), and UI (user interface) , are the paths that the user is going through the interface is the essence of each store. It is up to us to anticipate this route better and allow the user to feel as relaxed as he is doing the purchasing process. The point is that the customer at each station has exactly what he expects and which will help him to make the internet purchase.

Of course, by the way, we have to leave the possibility of impulsive shopping, ie the customer’s ability to add something else to the basket.


Successful Impulsive BuyingAccurate Impulsive Buying

Perhaps the most important part of the store and its UX and UI parts, is a copy, a item that many stores overlook, that is, easily accessed.


You can immediately submit a query to create a web store

Like when a buyer in offline business goes out with a vendor and gets all the information needed, we need to serve them in advance. Just by the target group, and just the information about the product they need. The most common mistake is the complexity of the interface, so the surfer does not succeed in getting to the bucket, nor does it successfully complete the confirmation information on the checkout page. We pay particular attention to this.


E-commerce SEO

Clients often tell us, we have an online store, but we are not seen on Google!


Optimizing a web store for search engines is the most important item for every successful store! The search engine optimization at the time of writing this text is the cheapest and most efficient sales channel in the long run. Then pay paid advertising.

As our SEO expertise, we detail with the client the procedures that must be followed and the activities that need to be done in order to deserve the highest positions on Google.

The goal is, aiming to transactional search queries, which we will provide through quality and useful content. Such content will be a great basis for other activities like social networking, email marketing, newsletters, and more.

There are elements that are visible to the shop and are aimed at the end customer and consumer, it is important that the online store is technically well-placed, that is, it is easy to administer, supplement, product change, leveling, discounts, special deals, coupons and the like.


We are going to define the remaining details when creating a web store.


Market Niche Choice for a Web Store

Choosing the niche is the basis, and it does not differ much from the offline business. At the very beginning is the question of whether we will serve the general market and sell “from needle to locomotive” or focus on a narrower category and specific niche, maybe even sell just one product in the entire store.


When we put the online store into a concrete niche, we answered a lot of questions and set a good foundation.


Based on that, we already differentiate marketing approach, we know which target group is on the basis of that we can plan

Selection of the Platform for online store

This decision usually comes as a solution to an equation, where are unknown. factors:

• the needs on the basis of the above factors
• knowledge and experience of owners and managers
• the budget for the implementation of
• a long-term perspective on trade and plan maintenance and growth
• technical capability and knowledge
• the formation of a team, the choice of the agency or of the finished solution

At the intersection of these items, the solutions are often bringing on the most popular platforms:

  1.  WordPress + Woocommerce
  2. Magento
  3. Joomla
  4. Drupal

The Division above although a little more concise, has become a reality in the market, although other popular CMS platforms offer their own e-commerce integration, there are also other eShop platforms, like Prestashop, Open Cart, ZenCart, xCart, etc. like Shopify and similar to “out of the box” solution, SquareSpace, BigCommerce, Volusion.

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