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How i know that i didn't throw away my money for SEO?
We are giving a warranty on our SEO services signed by contract, that way you are protected from aether side, if the site is positioned well you are in the win, if it isn't you get your money back.
How long SEO optimization lasts?
It all depends on the present condition of the site and your niche. Usually, it takes 90-360 days. You can expect the first result to see after 60 days.
Are you giving guarantee that optimized site will always be top positioned?
Optimization is a continuous process which depends on many factors such as: - Google algorithm changes - The competition started doing SEO or they already did before you - Your site needs to follow the latest trends in the SEO industry also in your niche And 200+ other factors
How much it's important to be on the first page of a Google?
It is and it isn't, it all depends on your business niche, for the majority of industries it is, for some, it isn't cause they are big brands who are the advertisement for themselves. Or they are business which needs another channel of advertisements like FB Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads, PPC, and others. Some data says that website on the first place picks 50% of customers to your site, second place 30% and so on. So, to be on the first place on Google is very important!