E-Commerce SEO

SEO for E-commerce sites and SEO for Real Estate Sites.

Including SEO and brand awareness for E-Commerce/Real Estate sites. It requires a different approach compared to Local SEO, there are too many factors which needs to be included and reviewed:

  • On Page Optimization of your E-commerce shop
  • Loading Speed of your E-commerce shop
  • The content of products on your E-commerce shop
  • URL’s of your E-commerce shop
  • Categories on your E-commerce shop
  • Broken links on your E-commerce shop
  • Backlinks
  • And much more.


Usually, these are the sites with more than hundreds and thousands of pages, which needs to be carefully planned or reanalyzed, improved with the implementation of the latest SEO Standards and much much more…

Optimizing a web store for search engines is the most important item for every successful store! The search engine optimization at the time of writing this text is the cheapest and most efficient sales channel in the long run. The next is paid advertising.

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