Social and PPC Marketing

Social Media Marketing and PPC campaigns are the tools, every type of business needs the different tool or channel to get to valuable customers, we are doing these types of campaigns for many years so you can totally surrend to our expertise, please check bellow which camapign fit you the best or you can contact us.
  •  Facebook Ads - the creation of engaging campaigns which bringing visitors to your site or FB page
  •  Instagram Ads - We are creating interesting engaging stories on Instagram about your product promotion or business promotion.
  • AdWords Campaigns - Well managed AdWords campaign can reduce your costs and enormously raise AdWords ROI.
  • Bing Ads - Google is very restrictive and it forbidden to some business types to advertise on Adwords  so the best alternative for Google Adwords is Bing Ads. We are successfully managing Bing Ads campaigns
  • Twitter Marketing - We'll build your community and keep healthy relationships with your followers so that they keep spreading tweets about your business and informative posts, which are made by us.
  • LinkedIn Marketing - Enables you to engage and to inform the community of professionals relevant to your business about your offers and to generate more prospective leads.
  • Pinterest Marketing - We'll set up your Pinterest profile and manage your pins. Implementing a Pinterest marketing strategy for your business may increase sales and brand awareness. Well created Pinterest pins and exposure can bring more sales to your business, analyses for this year says that 50% of people decided to make a purchase when they saw well promoted Pinterest pin.
  • Google My Business - GMB pages are very good for local SEO and the well-maintained page can bring "a ton" of prospective visitors to your business and bring a lot of satisfied reviews.
  • Bing Places - Google dominates search engine market, but that doesn't mean that you should forget on other search engines, placing your Business on Bing Places have impact on Google search too, so you should do it.
Many social networks allow users to provide detailed information about themselves which allows us to tailor your messages to the right audience so that they resonate better.

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